Deciding how to wear your hair

Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for browsing options and getting ideas. However, it can also cause serious decision fatigue (it’s a thing. I read a book about it once!)

I am here to help you narrow down the options so you can make a non-cluttered decision (something I wish I would have done for myself when I was getting married! Ya live and ya learn.)

I have been shown this photo several times and I think it is just stunning (hair by Hair and Makeup by Steph. Model Kat Frazier, Photo by Amber Weimer, Florals by Janae Frazer.)flower_crown_updoI just want to point out a few things in this photo to consider when making your flower crown (or having it made.) The flowers are only on one side of the crown in this. A crown with flowers going all the way around looks beautiful as well, but has a different vibe.

Also the wispy pieces coming down and the amount of volume this hair style has, is part of what balances out this look. Ah so pretty!


The next thing you want to think about is what you may want your hair to look like in the front. These hairstyles are beautiful, but……swoopy_hairDo you notice anything that they all have in common? A trend that I like to call the Jessica Rabbit…..the eye cover.

While that makes for a gorgeous photo (I’ve had a few hair-covering-eye photos taken myself!) Having an alternative look in mind for the front of your hair can be helpful since you’re likely not going to wear your hair covering one of your eyes the entire day.

Unless you’re Kim, somehow she managed…..kim_kardashian_blonde

But like I said, it can look really pretty in photos, so if you love it make sure to mention it to your photographer so they can get some photos with that vibe for you!

Next thing. If you’re considering an updo, to get a realistic idea of what the updo will look like as a whole, look for photos that also show the front and side, rather than just the back. It can be hard to do, so if you’re not able to then that’s ok!

But here’s an example of why:

Over the last few years I’ve had several clients show me this photo julianne_updoThey liked her hair and we all assumed that she probably had some kind of elaborate, super full, amazing chignon updo of sorts happening in the back. Finally, I wanted to solve the puzzle so I hunted down a photo of the other side! julianne_otherside(Hi Taylor, cute curls! :-) )  The other side of Juliane’s hair is actually suuuuper simple! Like, there isn’t really another side! Like all her hair is swooped over to the left to create it’s amazing-ness and also to probably keep a sleek and simple look.


Moving on. The messy/textured updo phenomenon! hair_messy_blonde_updoThis look can be great because it allows for a lot more freedom (no need to panic if the wind blows or if you get a fly away!)

Some things to notice with this hairstyle—-A LOT of the photos shown online of this look are going to have highlights in their hair (I am mentioning this because all of the photos ever shown to me by someone wanting this kind of hairstyle, have highlights.)

textured_updosjessica_alba_hair_messy_updoBut what if you have no highlights? And instead you have silky, satiny, not-naturally-textured hair? No worries! You can definitely still have this kind of a hairstyle! Just know that it may look a little bit more smooth.

Also if you have dark silky hair, here’s a great way to add a little texture if you don’t want to highlight your hair (this is also great even if you do have highlights!)

Add some dainty details!

updo_dark_hair_flowersOr instead of a veil something like this
bridal_headpiece(head piece is from Australia and can be found here.)hairstyle_vivianmakeupartist(That hairstyle was actually done by me. Photo of Michelle by Brooke Schultz.)

I just threw a whole lot of info at you! So now what?!

Consider these things:

How do I feel the prettiest? (down, up, half-up?)

What will look best with my dress?

Am I going to wear a veil? If so glance at photos of the type of hairstyle you’re considering and how it will look with a veil. A veil can really change the look of things!

Bonus tips:

When you’re getting ready, if it feels too fancy or like it’s too much, picture yourself in your wedding dress (or put it on if you can) then reassess. Sometimes hairstyles can feel a little too glam if you’re getting ready in an old baggy t-shirt.

On that note. When going to your appointment or just doing your own hair, don’t forget to wear something with a very wide neckline or a button up, so the beautifulness doesn’t get destroyed when it’s time to change your clothes! How about we end with a few photos of my pretty clients? :-)bridal_updo_vintage_hair_vivianmakeupartist_webPhoto by Kailey Rae Photography

updo_vivianmakeupartist_heapsPhoto of Caroline by Roslyn Photographysleek_updo_vivianmakeupartistPhoto by Zuzanna Audette


Warm Smokey Eye on Zoe

Eyeshadows are so much fun! I often use individual Mac shadows or I’ll choose my favorite shades from several different palettes from several brands (Urban Decay and Chanel are some current staples of mine.) I was wanting to find a time-saving palette that has some basic colors that I use all the time so I tried out the Charlotte Tilbury’s The Sophisticate palette. warm_smokey_eyeThe brushes I used:

MAC Eye Shading 239

MAC Blending Brush 217

MAC Mini Shader Brush 228


Photos of Zoe taken by Tyson French

The rest of the details on this look, coming soon!

IIID Foundation Help

Here’s my follow up post to the IIID Foundation Intro, as promised.

Real fast, I thought I’d tell you a few things about me and where I’m coming from with my little opinions 8-) (you gotta consider your source, right?)

Hi I’m Vivian :-) I did my first paid makeup and hair job at age 14, my first bride at 16, and I moved by myself to LA when I was 17 to go to makeup design school (yes everyone I knew freaked out, understandably.) That was 10 years ago. I’ve done makeup for celebrities, movies, music videos, advertisements, blah blah etc. etc. but MOST IMPORTANTLY on thousands of everyday people, just like me. (a more detailed and less-braggy-sounding version of my story is right here.) I’m an observant perfectionist (working on easing up on that a bit!) and I’m the friend who will lovingly tell you when you have spinach in your teeth.

And this is me, two times.
otherfoundation_iiid_webThe makeup on the left took me 50 minutes to do. Five Zero. Granted I was getting ready to be on tv, but still, that’s a lot of time. The makeup on the right (using IIID) took me 20 minutes (details here.)

Anything revolutionary is bound to need some troubleshooting. Especially since we’ve all been living in the drab world of opaque flat color foundation. It’s like when you get a new phone. At first you have to think a little more about what you’re doing as you navigate it, then all of a sudden something clicks and it becomes second nature. Same with highlighting and contouring.

This is my FAQ, to add to the already rather thorough one you can find at the bottom of this page.

To streamline, I’m going to go through some typical questions/statements I get when showing someone how to use this foundation:

The dark foundation seems really dark and the light seems really light! Yep, and when they are blended nicely on your pretty little face it equals = your color.

Sometimes when I blend, I kind of blend it away. Use less pressure when you are blending or you can always add a bit more product after the first round of blending for added coverage. It’s the blend-ability and creaminess of this product that makes it both fast and easy to use. Foundations that dry and “don’t budge” require a lot more precision and take longer to apply, which is why IIID is ideal for fast everyday use. 

What is the finish of this foundation? I would call it semi-radiant. Just like healthy skin is.

If I touch and rub my face a bunch will it come off? Probably a little but should we be putting things on our face that don’t come off? My guess is probably not. Solution— don’t rub your face a bunch. If you have to blow your nose or something it takes like 4.5 seconds to touch up this foundation. 

After a few hours I always get shiny, will that happen with this makeup? If your skin produces oil throughout the day this product will not stop it from doing so. NBD just powder if you get too shiny!

So do I use the same brush to apply the blush that I use for foundation? Yes! You definitely can, just wipe off the excess when switching products. Or you can designate this brush here specifically for blush. 

So does this replace concealer? It can! And if you feel like you need more coverage in certain area’s on your face apply the IIID first, then conceal where you need it. That way you’re not piling on makeup where you don’t need the coverage. 

And that’s that.

I originally planned on doing separate before and after posts for both of those photos (Took the photo on the left, washed my face, took a makeup-less photo, then did the makeup on the right) but when I got the photos I had to post both makeup looks side by side to show the….lack of difference. Well, other then my nose probably looks better in the one on the right. And a demo of the ongoing forever question I have “To line the inner rim with dark or light. Dark…..or light…..”otherfoundation_iiid_webPhotos by Keala Jarvis

Thanks so much for reading you guys xoxoxo




IIID Foundation Intro

I often teach makeup lessons and classes and I always emphasize this one very important thing: Your skin is really important, it takes up the majority of your face. It needs to look good.

There’s a product called IIID foundation and I stole this description right off IIID Foundation is a two color foundation system that gives you skin smoothing coverage, a perfect sculpt and movie star lighting all in one speedy system!

If you haven’t seen this video, go watch. She show’s you exactly how to use it.

This product is ideal if you:

-Want to highlight and contour and need it to be fast

-Don’t want a million layers of makeup on your skin


vivianmakeupartist_maskcaracosmetics_webWhat I used:

Complexion: IIID Foundation in Sunlit highlight, Stone contour, Ruby blush, and a little Shadow to contour my nose.

Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, MAC Eyeshadows in Burnt Sand and Brun, Tarte Inner Rim LinerHypnose Mascara, Lashes from House of Lashes in Siren, and Mac Brun for my brows.

Lips: Ruby (same as blush) and OCC Sebastian lip liner.

Photos by Keala Jarvis

Who has tried this foundation? What do you think?

*coming soon IIID Foundation Help