How to do a Retro Bob

And What about Bob?! A retro bob! (I had to throw that in here somewhere ;-) I love that movie!) The Retro Bob. It’s timeless AND a spectacular way to test the waters if you’re contemplating cutting your hair. It’s also an excellent option if your hair seems to lose curl easily or if you can’t decide between a down style or an up-do. It’s kind of both!retro_bobSo I did this little step by step for you…in like, January 8-O But at least I can tell you that this curling iron has held up nicely! I still use it all the time and I got mine from Amazon. What in the world did I do before I don’t get everything from there, but a lot of things cause it’s just so convenient.

Now, How to do a Retro Bob:how_to_do_a_retro_bobI used Meta Grip bobby pins , and this hair pik (it’s only .99 cents and I use it all the time) and then I set the style with a favorite of mine Kenra 25 hairspray 

Then TA-DA! You have a bob ↓

Retro_HairThank you for the photos Jess!


Makeup on Emmy

I always get extra excited when a photographer asks me to get them ready. I’m not sure why specifically, but I sure love it. Probably because they’re always working so hard to make others look and feel good in photos, and I feel like they deserve a turn to feel pretty.

For Emmy’s look I wanted something that would go with her personality, sassy and sweet. She rocked this!


The products I used:

Complexion-Temptu airbrush foundation, Laura Mercier concealer, Temptu airbrush bronzer, and Tarte blush.

Eyes-  Urban Decay primer, MAC eyeshadows in Vanilla,  Wedge and Bronze. Chanel liquid eyeliner on top, MAC eyeshadow in Carbon on lower lash line and Tarte inner rim liner.  Lancome Le Crayon in Sable for her brows and her lashes are wispies.

Lips- MAC Russian Red lipstick with Lancome Mauvelle lip liner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEmmy is darling, isn’t she?


Makeup for Teens part 2


This is part two of the follow up post I did after my segment on Studio 5.  I talked about makeup for teens and how to transition them into makeup plus a few other tips.

Here are the basics:

•Keep a full, but groomed brow. Most teens will be tempted to start tweezing them, then all of a sudden only a fraction of their brows survive. (I’m totally guilty of this. I plucked and plucked til there was hardly anything left. And what remained resembled little apostrophe’s, or tadpoles, on my face. :-? Whoops!)

•Take good care your skin. After years of using aggressive cleansers I switched to Cerave after my dermatologist told me I was making my skin angry with everything I was using. Sorry skin, my bad! And honestly, for problematic, acne prone skin, there are pleanty of things that probably work, but I say just go to a dermatologist. They know best.

•Parents, when you feel comfortable with your teen wearing makeup, start with letting them wear mascara and lip balm. Then as needed, implement concealer, foundation, bronzer and a little for their brows. Then eye shadow and eyeliner. These are just guidelines so use your best judgement.

Aren’t these girls just stunning? ↓


Getting the correct foundation is key. For dryer skin types I like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer here. For normal or combination I like Lancome Teint Miracle here, and for oily I like Bare Minerals Ready here . These will all provide a lighter more natural coverage.

In my opinion,  before and after photos are useful to give a better idea of where things go and what they look like ↓


The products I used:

Complexion Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette in Streak for bronzer, blush and highlighter here and Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer here and for foundation, reference the previous recommendations in this post

Eyes Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencil here It Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trio in Pretty Amber here  L’Oreal Infallible Gel liner in Espresso here  L’Oreal Voluminous mascara here

Lips Nyx Butter gloss in Creme Brulee (brunette and blonde) and Apple Strudel (red head) here and lip liner Urban Decay in Naked 2 here

I know you’ve already seen this photo ↓ but look at them! They’re just so pretty!

Makeup_for_teensPhotos by Jessica Janae Photography . Special thanks to Whitney!