My Family Photos

My husband and I had some “family photos” taken this year since we reeeeally struggle getting a decent photo together (one of us will inevitably be in the middle of talking or blinking, pretty much every time.)  So we went on an adventure to some sand dunes!vivian_jeff_sanddunesdunesGoofySometimes I can’t decide how I want my hair in photos. So I style it and then take it out in the middle of the shoot so I can wear it down too. sanddunephotoshair_downsand_dunesWe have oh so much fun together….dunes_funblack_whitebwBWFarWe really did have so much fun, thanks to Angie! Simplicity Photography

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Favorite Foundation and Primer

Foundation is the foundation of your makeup, it is muy importante. Your skin needs to be the proper shade (this includes the skin on your neck also if needs be,) and it needs to have the proper dimension which I go over in more detail in my foundation post here.  In this post I’m going over products and what to look for in a great foundation and primer.

What to avoid looking like ↓ (remember this photo from my tips for teens?)makeup_before_after

When shopping for foundation here are some tips:

  1. Ask for samples. Most brands in major department stores will sample liquid foundation. 
  2. Check your neck. If you look like you have a floating head consider using a lighter shade just along the jawline to make the color more uniform with your neck. You can also use a bronzer on your neck to even it out. Bobbi Brown makes great bronzers and for most things I prefer a matte bronzer.  A great universal bronzer for light to medium (even if you’re fairly tan this color will still work) skin tones is the shade Natural from Bobbi Brown. For very red based skin tones I like Dark (this can also double as a blush.)  And for a darker bronzer I like Elvis Duran. *I like to check the company website for any deals or promotions they might be having, otherwise I tend to order online from departments stores, Amazon prime, Ulta or Sephora.*  And for a bronzer that can double as a contour color I like theBalm in Bahama Mama.

Now for the products. You guys this was so hard  because sometimes there’s more than one product that I like. In my efforts to not over-complicate things I chose two foundations to recommend. For normal to dry skin I do really like YSL Touche Eclat . What you want from a foundation if you are dry is a one that will be hydrating with a dewy finish that will last on your skin. Sometimes, these kinds of foundations look incredibly flawless and natural at first but after several hours you may get a little bit shiny on the t-zone. No big deal, just at that point touch up with a little powder. For all skin types I love Laura Mercier’s invisible pressed powder.  *last time I ordered a bunch of stuff through the Laura Mercier website they sent that powder as a sample, and I’m hooked!*  It won’t add much coverage, it will just mattify.

For normal to oily skin the most universal foundation I’ve found is Lancome’s Teint Idole 24h. If you have more of a normal skin type and want a more sheer application apply a liberal amount of moisturizer to your skin just before applying the foundation. If you’re oily or want more coverage, you’ll want to wait for your moisturizer to absorb a little bit before applying.

If you have the kind of skin that nothing wants to stick to and even the ‘long wear’ formulas of foundations wear off (like the crazy durable Double Wear from Estee Lauder,) then the Becca Ever Matte Primer will be your best friend. This stuff is like, industrial strength so you can’t get lazy with it (if you miss a spot on your face you can tell because the foundation won’t grip as well to the area.) To ensure that you can get it blended properly before it sets I recommend applying the Becca Ever Matte Primer in sections, like this ↓ foundation_quadrantsI know that picture looks kind of crazy but hopefully it helps:-)

I am currently testing out different kinds of foundation primer for dryer skin, I will keep you posted! So far I am liking Lancome’s Hydra Glow and it smells divine.

What’s your favorite foundation? I’d love to know!


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Before and After

I’m grateful when clients let me do before and after photo’s because I think it’s helpful to see both. Don’t worry, my own before and after is coming soon!Before_and_After-vivianmakeupartist_web
Complexion: Temptu s/b foundation, Laura Mercier concealer (under eye’s), Tarte Concealer (on cheek bones, this concealer is dewy) Bobbi Brown bronzer in Deep and Tarte blush in Blushing Bride. An alternative foundation (non-airbrush) that I’d recommend to get this look is Lancome Teint Mircacle.

Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow base,  MAC eyeshadows Bronze, Sable, and Vanilla,Stila eyeliner, Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara, Ardell Wispies, Anastasia Dip Brow in Blonde and the Brow Pen in Deep (use the pen to make little hair like strokes to imitate the look of real brow hair.)

Lips: Urban Decay lip liner in Naked, Giorgio Armani lipstick in #102 Essenza, Chanel Glossimer in Seashell


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Fall Bridal Inspiration Details

vivianmakeupartistI love how bold lip colors photograph! If you are toying with the idea of doing a bold lip for your wedding but you aren’t 100% sure about it,  you can go bold for your bridals, then take it down a notch for the day of. Or keep it bold if you love it  🙂fall_makeup_trendsComplexion: Temptu s/b foundation, Laura Mercier concealer, Bobbi Brown bronzer,  Benefit Sun Beam highlighter, Lancome Translucence powder

Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow base,  Lancome Bronze Amour palette, Tarte Inner Rim Nude eyeliner, Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara, Stila eyeliner, Anastasia in Brunette for brows, House of Lashes Noir Fairy

Lips: Lancome Mauvelle lip liner, MAC lipstick in Diva with Russian Red over the top

Hair: Bombshell curling rod, Oribe Beach Spray, comb

Perrywinkle Photography took these stellar photos.

Lovely couple Ciera and Colton. Dress by Gateway Bridal, suit by True Gentleman. Flowers by Bottles and Blooms.

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all about that bass makeup

Ok you guys, I’m trying to be helpful, not rude when talking about Meghan Trainor’s makeup in her video All About That Bass so I am going to proceed with caution. I will start with saying, I like the song, I really like the awesome dude in the video, and I like her makeup in most of the video….BUT in some shots ↓ there’s a tiny problem base_wrong_colorYou guys, her face is totally the wrong color. Do you think she noticed? I kind of hope not because there’s nothing she can do about it now! Other than hire me for her next video 😀

Please can we have a moment—- the song is called All About That Bass (BASE! like foundation base. That’s all I can think about now when it comes on— like every other song.)

Here is the good news, it was remedied for a lot of the video. And she’s so adorable! ↓base_right_color

So what do you do if something like this happens to you or a loved one?

If necessary remove the makeup under the eyes and along the jawline 

and/or apply a lighter shade of concealer under the eyes and along the jawline.

You can also apply bronzer to your neck to adjust the drastic color difference but please do this carefully. If the color really is way too dark or too orange, you don’t want to just make everything too dark and too orange.

*A little warning, if you decide you must see what I’m talking about and want to look up this video, there are a couple of swear words in it.

There’s also a couple of kids and a dancing dude. They are awesome.

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Eyelash Tricks

I admit it, I have an eyelash obsession.  Like to the point that when I was thirteen or fourteen I would split up the individual flares from Ardell into even littler sections of one or two lashes and apply them every day before school (kind of like now days version of eyelash extensions, but with temporary glue.) Obviously, that was a little crazy of me, so it’s a good thing I became a makeup artist! At least I can kind of justify the hours spent on that!

After years of doing eyelash extensions and having them myself, I had to part ways with those wonderful little things and start wearing strip eyelashes.

Thank goodness for strip lashes, they make a huge difference on me! The only problem is with my eye shape, most styles of lashes make me feel like the inner corners of my eyes are being tortured.  So I came up with a solution (well, maybe someone else has thought of this too but they didn’t share the wealth with me!)

eyelash_tricksIf you position the strip out a little bit further than normal it won’t feel like it’s poking you (if this doesn’t happen to you, then yay!) And then you can add a few flare lashes to the inner or outer corners to give a comfortable and tapered look.

The strip lashes are from House of Lashes and the style is Siren. For the inner flare’s I used these adorable mini’s. I frequently use shorts as well for this, especially if you’re using a longer length strip lash.

For the rest of the products used for this look reference my previous post.

I hope this is useful!


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foundation_brushI was standing in line at H&M and saw this foundation brush and thought “Wow, that looks a lot like my $30 Shiseido brush. Wonder if it’s any good.” So I got it. It’s a great option if you’re on a budget and it get’s the job done. It’s a little bigger than the Shiseido brush so product goes on more sheer. I do find myself reaching for my Shisedo brush when I need a more precise application, but for most things the H&M BB cream brush does the job. It says BB cream, but you can use it to apply powders and liquids too.

Another brush I am obsessed with is this It Cosmetics Brush.  I use it every time I do someones makeup. The little end is used to conceal and highlight. Sometimes I’ll do detailed contour or bronzing with it. And I use the larger side to apply foundation and to blend. I love this brush so much I’m going to buy another one for my personal kit!

One of the questions I get asked the most from people is what kind of foundation should they use and what’s the difference between airbrush foundation and normal foundation. I’ll get more into detail with each one but the one thing that matters most for all foundation is that you’re in the correct color and that your face has dimension. Dimension meaning there are areas with more depth (aka darker or contoured) and areas that are lighter (aka highlighted.) I think they all can look good and there’s a time and place for each of them!

The products I consistently used in all three looks:

Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow base, MAC eyeshadows in Vanilla and Bronze, and Chanel liquid liner.

Brows: Anastasia Dipbrow in Blonde.

Below is a fast everyday look ↓

Maskcara_webFor this everyday look ↑ I used IIID Foundation by Maskcara in Dark. I used Shortcake by Maskcara for her blush and lips but it was such a hit that it’s sold out. However I often use Princess Peach for a more neutral look and I use Jem and just apply less and it comes out pink! These products are fast to apply and have a very natural finish.

Below is a little bit more glam ↓ We’ll call this the “I want to look a little cuter than normal” look. This look will take just a few more minutes to do.Normal_foundation_webI used two shades of Lancome’s liquid foundation to achieve this look. Apply the darker shade to where it looks darker and the lighter shade where her face looks lighter. This is a matte finish long wearing foundation that has medium to full coverage. To figure out what foundation colors to get when using this method I recommend finding your exact shade, the shade you would use if you were going to apply it all over your face, and then go two shades lighter than that shade for your highlight and two shades darker for your contour. Her blush is Tarte Blushing Bride and her lips Urban Decay Naked 2 liner and Buxom gloss in Yes You.

Now this look ↓ is your Va-Va-Voooom extra special makeup look. Airbrush_webNow everything with this look is the same as the previous look except I added Tarte eyeliner in Onyx to the bottom lash line and I used Temptu S/B Airbrush foundation with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick underneath to highlight and conceal first.  I would say this airbrush system (you have to have a compressor, airbrush, and the individual foundation colors) is for the makeup obsessed or for the professional with a lot of clients requesting airbrush makeup. I do love it, but it is an investment.

Here is a side by side comparison. Holy moly it’s hard to keep the lighting consistent, but I sure tried!foundation_compare_web In conclusion, I think they all look good and you can pick which method works best for you!

I hope this is useful!

Photos by Jordan Carli Photography

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How to do a Retro Bob

And What about Bob?! A retro bob! (I had to throw that in here somewhere 😉 I love that movie!) The Retro Bob. It’s timeless AND a spectacular way to test the waters if you’re contemplating cutting your hair. It’s also an excellent option if your hair seems to lose curl easily or if you can’t decide between a down style or an up-do. It’s kind of both!retro_bobSo I did this little step by step for you…in like, January 😯 But at least I can tell you that this curling iron has held up nicely! I still use it all the time and I got mine from Amazon. What in the world did I do before I don’t get everything from there, but a lot of things cause it’s just so convenient.

Now, How to do a Retro Bob:how_to_do_a_retro_bobI used Meta Grip bobby pins , and this hair pik (it’s only .99 cents and I use it all the time) and then I set the style with a favorite of mine Kenra 25 hairspray 

Then TA-DA! You have a bob ↓

Retro_HairThank you for the photos Jess!


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Makeup on Emmy

I always get extra excited when a photographer asks me to get them ready. I’m not sure why specifically, but I sure love it. Probably because they’re always working so hard to make others look and feel good in photos, and I feel like they deserve a turn to feel pretty.

For Emmy’s look I wanted something that would go with her personality, sassy and sweet. She rocked this!


The products I used:

Complexion-Temptu airbrush foundation, Laura Mercier concealer, Temptu airbrush bronzer, and Tarte blush.

Eyes-  Urban Decay primer, MAC eyeshadows in Vanilla,  Wedge and Bronze. Chanel liquid eyeliner on top, MAC eyeshadow in Carbon on lower lash line and Tarte inner rim liner.  Lancome pencil Sable for her brows and her lashes are wispies.

Lips- MAC Russian Red lipstick with Lancome Mauvelle lip liner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEmmy is darling, isn’t she?


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