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So I don’t know if you can tell by my post title but… I was sick, and I took full advantage of the fact that Friends is now on Netflix. I am now grounded from watching any more episodes for a while, because I’ve got to start getting some stuff done! If only I knew how to do things in moderation……hmmm

I don’t know about you, but I swear I have the driest lips! Pretty much since I moved to Salt Lake I’ve had dry lips and dry cuticles. I have found a favorite solution and it’s the lip mask from Bite.  And currently they have a little set! For only $15 you get the lip exfoliator AND a mini lip mask (aka durable lip balm.) bite_lipI bought 2 sets, one for me and one for my kit. They were sold out when I went to purchase it so I selected the “email me when it’s back in stock” and the next morning Sephora emailed me, yay!

Speaking of lips, I thought I’d share some of my favorite lip colors with you guys as well!lips

#1 Urban Decay lip liner in Native applied all over the lips with Dior Gloss 257 Venus over the top.

#2 Urban Decay lip liner in Manic applied over 3/4 of the lips with a sheer application of MAC Lipstick in Myth topped with Bobbi Brown Crystal lipgloss.

#3 Urban Decay lip liner in Turn On with YSL Lipstick in Lingerie Pink 007 with Chanel gloss in Brilliance.

#4 I used the same products as I did in #2 just after you apply the gloss you’ll blot, then apply a bit more lipstick.

I tend to keep higher end products in my kit so that’s what I mostly end up using.  BUT on a recent Walmart excursion, I picked up THE prettiest baby pink/nude-ish lipstick made by Flower Beauty and the color was Morning Glory LS11. I’ll get some photos of it soon!

Lip photos by Emily Brown Photography of Jenna Jarvis.

How about a nice lip-related quote for the day? Here’s a long time fave of mine:


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I was hesitant to use these photos because I kind of think that Kallie looks just as good if not better with her natural skin tone…..also, the lighting in the photos is different. BUT it get’s the point across. kallie_before_after_webAs I mentioned a few posts back, I prefer to just get 2 half spray tans a month from Bella Airbrush Tanning, but I do keep a few self-tanners around just in case.  I’ve used the Salon Bronze Airbrush for like a decade. And I just started using Tomas Tanning Spray and I like it as well. I got one that kind of splattered when I sprayed it so I exchanged it and the one I have now is great. I think it splattered when I wasn’t pushing down all the way, just fyi 🙂

But most importantly, I wanted to talk about this product that I always assume everyone has to know about it, but every time I bring it up no one has heard of it! It’s the Xen-Tan Scent Secure and it get’s rid of the self-tanner smell. It seriously works. I always wait at least 12 hrs before using it after I tan (But you can use it sooner, I just really want my tan to lock in first.) Make sure to wash your hands right after applying it even though it’s not a self-tanner it can activate the tanner you already have on your skin.

I hope this is useful and that everyone is having a wonderful week!


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A few months ago I wished a good friend of mine happy birthday and she responded by saying “Thanks girl. 29! I’m a little depressed!”

I think she was maybe referencing that she felt old or something? She’s only lived a fraction of her life (hopefully!) and she already feels like that?! So sad to me!

We’ve been listening to The Power of Now in our little household and it has so many good points.  Here are a few good tidbits from it:

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. Primary reality is within; secondary reality without.”
― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

“All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.”
― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

When I’m getting caught up in worry I’ve been trying to remember to just be in the moment. Sounds a little cheesy but it totally helps.

So back to aging. Last year I was prepping to teach a class to women who’s ages ranged from 21-99 and I wanted to have some good quotes. During my search, I happened upon this post written by one of my favorite people, Cara. She said pretty much everything I was thinking, but better. You can read it here. 


Complexion: Lancome Absolue bx foundation, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer #2, Maskcara cosmetics to contour in Stone, Tarte Cheek Stain Flush

Eyes:  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, Urban Decay Naked Basics PaletteLancome Artliner in Noir, Flare Lashes Combo ArdellLancome Brow Pencil in Taupe

Lips: Urban Decay lip liner in Catfight, Bobbi Brown Crystalkari_webIsn’t Karri beautiful?

She was one of my models for a class that I did for the darling Steph of Hair and Makeup by Steph.  (ps Steph teaches hair styling classes and she’s amazing!)

I love Ms. Steph. She’s a good one. Hairandmakeupbysteph_vivianmakeupartistI will be offering some new types of classes for those who would like to be makeup artists (all levels.) If you’re interested either comment below or shoot me an email and let me know what kinds of things you’d like to learn, I want the classes to be as useful as possible!

Photos by JessaKae

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What is “Natural” makeup

When you hear the phrase “natural makeup” what does that mean? Is it the number of products used? The colors of the products? The amount of the product actually put on your face? All of the above?

People will often say they want a “natural” look. After working with thousands of clients, I have learned that it means ENTIRELY different things to everyone. So as soon as I hear that, my brain instantly goes into detective mode ’cause I’ve gotta try to figure out what they mean!

I didn’t do the makeup in these photos below, I am just using them for the sake of demonstration.










The photo on the left obviously looks more natural, so a lot of people think that that means there’s less steps and that it will take less time to do, which isn’t always the case. Sometimes it is the case, but not always.

So I analyzed each pictured to see what I thought was used to create each look and my guess is that they probably took about the same number of steps. natural_detailsdramatic_marsala_detailsKinda crazy right?

-You don’t always have to use something “dark” for it to enhance the feature. Example: In the first photo (flower crown) the illuminator color that’s on her inner tear duct is stunning and totally brings out her eyes. And it’s a light color!

-On a different note, to look real fancy super fast, line the inner rim of your eyes with a dark eyeliner and put on a bold lip. It’ll take your look up a notch and it’ll take like two seconds… or at most two minutes.

Which look do you like better? Comment below!

I promise you won’t be spammed for putting in your email address, it’s just to make sure you’re a real live human 🙂


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Mint Arrow Makeup

Every time I do makeup on Corrine (she’s the mastermind behind the high-end deal blog Mint Arrow ) I think to myself “I’m flattered that I’m here, but I don’t know if you need me cause you don’t really need makeup…….”  BUT it’s those subtle makeup details that will make you look as good in a photo as you do in person.mintarrowmakeupThe details:

Complexion: Bobbi Brown stick #3.5 (sheer application,) Contour Medium #2 from the Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette, under eye concealer is Secret Concealer #3.7.

Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, Naked Basics Palette, Brow Wiz in Medium Brown, and Brow Gel. 

Lips: MAC Creme De La Femme and Paper Lantern lipglass. 
vivianmakeupartistmintarrowPhotos by Travis J Photography

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The Contour Up Close

Highlighting and contouring have been around for ages, but it’s recently become more mainstream and a lot more people are implementing it into their daily makeup routines. This combo below is what I have been using a lot on myself and on my clients lately and I love it. vivianmakeupartist_highlight_contour
The little stick titled Lighter Color Foundation is the lighter color you’ll see in the photos below. It’s the Bobbi Brown Face Touch-up stick.  It also comes in a larger size, but I like that the little stick is such a good size to highlight down the center of the nose. However, the larger is a better value. I actually own both sizes in several colors and love them both.

The palette with the 5 colors is Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette.  The palette comes with 3 different shades of contour creams and 2 highlighters (shimmery illuminating creams.) This contour kit is easy to use and comes with instructions built into the kit, which is nice in case you forget. And I like that it’s easy to get (some of the other contour products I use I have to order through weird specialty sites and pay a fortune for shipping.) This one you can just get at Sephora.  My favorite brush to use with it is this blender brush. 
contourIt can be kind of shocking to see the stripes… kind of intriguing though too, right?

The key is to blend. That’s what I use that black tear-drop shaped sponge for you see in the photo. It’s called a beauty blender. You’ll want to get it damp before you use it, it makes it even softer and keeps it from absorbing as much product. I love the solid cleanser to wash it with and also use it to wash my makeup brushes. I also applied the tiniest bit of foundation to help blend the highlight and contour together. I used Teint Miracle  in Buff 6.

I have basically tried to improvise while I’m waiting for Maskcara’s foundation to arrive (I had some samples of it, which I used in a few posts back, but don’t currently have it.)

I hope this is useful info for everyday contouring that looks natural! And just remember, I did a more dramatic contour for the photos so you could see it really well. You can always blend more to make it even more discreet.

The rest of the products used for this look coming soon!


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Wavy Curly Hair Texture

wavy_hairMust haves:

A 5/8 inch curling iron

Beach Spray

Sometimes when people have naturally wavy/curly hair and they say they hate it, I want to cry a little.  I get it, sometimes the hair is not all the same amount of curly. Sometimes it’s straighter on the top and ringletty on the bottom. You just need to help those lil curls out a little.

My wavy hair to do’s:

-Be careful while towel drying. Opt for a gentle wrap and squeeze rather than a wrap and rub back and forth (that can cause the hair to be more frizzy.)

-Use the right products. On Jessa I used this mousse (I got it when I purchased my Kenra 25 Hairspray.) Here’s an update on my current favorite products for a wavy or curly hair look:

  •  A mouse that’s good for all hair types (straight hair but wanting it to hold curl better or wanting to control curly hair) is this one here from Oribe and the bottle lasts forever! So if you just want to try it out you can also get this travel size one 
  • I spray this Beach Spray before grabbing a few sections of hair to curl (instructions below) Oribe Beach Spray travel size here. I must say, Oribe makes some great products.
  • If you hate the feeling of anything in your hair but want some softness and control I like this whipped creme mousse . I wouldn’t say it’s a must have but that’s because I don’t mind having lots of hair product in my hair 🙂

– After applying some mousse from root to tip, blow dry your hair with a diffuser and flip your head upside down for a little bit more volume. If your hair tends to get frizzy, use a lower setting.

-Wrap sections of hair around a small curling iron to give it a little bit more curl in the areas that need it.  You can just grab random sections, it doesn’t need to be super uniform. It’s fast and will make a big difference.

Jessa’s hair is amazing! I made her come to her appointment with wet hair so I could style it using the previous steps, from start to finish.
Here’s the makeup I used on her.

Complexion: Temptu s/b Foundation in 004 And did you know you can apply this foundation with a brush? I have been using this one a lot and love it with this formula, and it’s cheap! Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 2.5, theBalm Bronzer

Eyes:  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer,  MAC Eyeshadows in Copperplate, Bronze, and Embark, Tarte inner rim liner,  Demi Wispies, Hypnose MascaraBrow Wiz in Taupe and Anastasia Brow Pen in light.

Lips: Urban Decay lip liner in Obsessed (blotted and blended to soften the color) MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Patience Please. Similar to MAC Myth 



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Makeup for Maternity photos

This stunning lady is soon to be a mother of 4 and she wanted to go all out for her maternity photos, which I think is so awesome.before_and_after
Sarahn says she LOVES a bold lip and winged liner, which I think looks great on her. She also mentioned that people often tell her she looks way too young to have 3 little ones, so I gave her a polished look but kept it sassy (you should see the shoes she was rocking!) I can’t wait to see how her photos turn out, they’ll be amazing I’m sure of it.

Complexion: Temptu s/b Foundation in 004Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 2.5, theBalm BronzerTarte Cheek Stain in TipsyShadow from Maskcara cosmetics for nose contour. 

Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow PrimerMAC Eyeshadows  in Vanilla, Wedge and Brun, Nars Eye Paint, Demi WispiesBrow Wiz in Soft Brown first, and MAC Brun shadow applied with an angle brush to intensify arch.

Lips: Urban Decay lip liner in 69, Lip Tar in New Wave

Hair: Kenra hairspraySultra 1 inch


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NYE With Michelle Money and Laced Hair

I had the pleasure of working along side Michelle Money on New Years Eve glamming up clients for the festive holiday! Michelle was doing hair (along with Laced Hair) and I was doing makeup. She is seriously so much fun!
vivianmakeupartist_michellemoneyIt is so very hard for me to take a serious picture…vivianmakeupartistnbrushHere is a list of the products I used on myself:

Complexion: Lancome Teint Miracle in Bisque 6, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in #2.5, Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Dark, Stila convertible color Lip and Cheek in Peony, aaaaand I know it looks like I used an illuminator, however I didn’t, I am just naturally glowy (aka I get oily and these pics were taken at the very end of the day. So free illumination for me! 😉 ) Brush in photo is It Cosmetics. 

Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow PrimerMAC Eyeshadows in order starting at lash line up to my brow-Carbon, Saddle, Bamboo, Blanc Type, Lancome Le Stylo eyeliner on top, bottom, and inner rim, Flutterlashes in Cami, Brow Wiz in Taupe.

Lips: Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige Gold Shimmer, Urban Decay lip liner in Nude, Bite Agave lip mask.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about any of it!vivmakeupdetailsAnd a photo of Courtney, one of my sweet clients from that day

courtneyMeg Leg’s stopped by and it’s always a blast with hervivianmakeupartist_meglegsThe idea for this lovely event came from Lacy from Laced Hair. It was a good time!

vivianmakeupartist_lacedhairPhotos by Emmy Lowe Photo

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