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These photos are just dreamy. I can’t believe it’s been two years! I thought I’d revisit them, since they’re so so pretty. Scroll down a little for details on this look. fishtail_braid_makeup_freepeoplefishtail_freepeoplefree_people_makeupfreepeople_hairfreepeople_makeup_jewelryfree_people_hairfreepeople_makeupHere’s what I used on her:

Complexion:  Temptu s/b foundation OR non-airbrush foundation recommendation Teint Miracle, Laura Mercier Concealer #3, TheBalm bronzer,  MAC blush in Fleur Power

Eyes:Urban Decay eyeshadow base, MAC eyeshadows in Rice Paper, Amber Lights and Embark, Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eyeliner,  L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow in Light ,Ardell Wispies

Lips: Bite Agave Lip Mask,Urban Decay lip liner in Naked, Giorgio Armani lipstick in #102 Essenza
freepeople_utah_mountainsOh Utah, you sure are beautiful.

You may remember from my last post that Free People featured images from this shoot on their blog and on their main instagram, which is so rad.

Photographer Tyson French website and instagram

Model Zoe Lazerson

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Recent Jobs

In a perfectly perfect world I would be able to take clients all day everyday AND be able to post all the details about each and every one of them.  I love being able to share things via the world wide web and I also love the in person one on one interactions I get working as a full time makeup artist.

Sometimes I wish sleep wasn’t a necessity. I’d have so much more time.

I’ve got some great informative posts to come, and for the meantime I wanted to share some photos from some of the jobs I’ve been working on.

From a shoot with Miss Utah USA, Nicol Powell.missutah_vivianmakeupartist_nicolpowell_webAnd Miss Utah Teen USA, Brooke Skabelund….and birdmissutahteen_vivianmakeupartist_webPhotos by Michael Angelo Photography

I’ve had the honor of getting celebrity Lindsay Arnold (from Dancing With The Stars) ready several times. She just got hitched and the details are being featured all over in the media! Including People magazine, Us Weekly and also here on Entertainment Tonight.  celebrity_makeup_artist_wedding_lindsay_arnold

Photo by Jessica Janae.

I can’t emphasize enough how big of a sweetheart she is. Which to me is the most beautiful thing.

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So, how did you get into doing makeup?

A little bit about me. Growing up I always cared a lot about getting perfect grades so I could get a scholarship to a really good college. The turmoil started my senior year of high school when I knew in my heart that I wanted to move to Los Angeles to attend makeup school, instead of continuing my college education. The rational thing (plus the opinion of pretty much every adult around me) told me I should go to college because that’s the stable and wise thing to do. Considering my less-than-ideal family situation, I craved stability in my life, so looking back I’m surprised I didn’t take the stable route.

But it’s interesting how life’s challenges and hardships, can be what motivates and drives us.

10866216_10152627567133460_6507359322954562972_oSo at 17 (I was young for my grade) I graduated high school and had completed a couple of semesters of college, so I moved to Los Angeles to go to makeup design school. I was SO excited to conquer the world and I SO did not know what I was doing. But I was excited! graduation_vivian_web(on graduation day)

Keep in mind this was BEFORE the days of youtube, and blogs….I hadn’t even met a real makeup artist before. It was considerably less common, at least in my universe. At the time there weren’t a lot of options when it came to learning how to do makeup, you couldn’t really just google something.

So there I was. A determined teen in Los Angeles.

I even slept in my car and showered at the 24 hr Fitness I had a membership to for a little while when I was in between places to live. (I DO NOT RECOMMEND doing this! It is dangerous and scary and really UNCOMFORTABLE! 😯

I loved living in the city and Makeup Designory was awesome. Eventually the nagging question of “well, should I go to college?” got to me and I moved to go to BYU. I love learning so I did that college thing for a while and then put my full force into my makeup biz.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 14 years of chasing my dream:

-Be kind and loving. People, will be the reason you get jobs.

-Try to keep your word. And be dependable, even when it’s inconvenient.

-This industry has a strangely high overhead. Doing makeup just for kicks vs. running a business doing makeup, are very very different.

-Every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution. (Every time I remember this, I am grateful!)

It’s been a fun journey and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!



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NYE With Michelle Money and Laced Hair

I had the pleasure of working along side Michelle Money on New Years Eve glamming up clients for the festive holiday! Michelle was doing hair (along with Laced Hair) and I was doing makeup. She is seriously so much fun!
vivianmakeupartist_michellemoneyIt is so very hard for me to take a serious picture…vivianmakeupartistnbrushHere is a list of the products I used on myself:

Complexion: Lancome Teint Miracle in Bisque 6, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in #2.5, Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Dark, Stila convertible color Lip and Cheek in Peony, aaaaand I know it looks like I used an illuminator, however I didn’t, I am just naturally glowy (aka I get oily and these pics were taken at the very end of the day. So free illumination for me! 😉 ) Brush in photo is It Cosmetics. 

Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow PrimerMAC Eyeshadows in order starting at lash line up to my brow-Carbon, Saddle, Bamboo, Blanc Type, Lancome Le Stylo eyeliner on top, bottom, and inner rim, Flutterlashes in Cami, Brow Wiz in Taupe.

Lips: Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige Gold Shimmer, Urban Decay lip liner in Nude, Bite Agave lip mask.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about any of it!vivmakeupdetailsAnd a photo of Courtney, one of my sweet clients from that day

courtneyMeg Leg’s stopped by and it’s always a blast with hervivianmakeupartist_meglegsThe idea for this lovely event came from Lacy from Laced Hair. It was a good time!

vivianmakeupartist_lacedhairPhotos by Emmy Lowe Photo

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Jobs in Florida

As I’ve mentioned before, getting mom’s ready for family photos is one of my favorite jobs. I feel like they deserve the pampering and it’s so rewarding to see their faces light up when it all comes together and they look in the mirror. Gives me warm fuzzies 🙂

It was pretty killer to be hired to do makeup and hair for several sessions in Florida this past fall. Seaside was stunning! Even after only getting like 30 minutes of sleep (taking the red-eye seemed like such a good idea at the time 😯 )

I went with Angie from Simplicity Photography who’s one of the greatest people I know. I totally had to force her into letting me take this photo but Florida looked good on her! It needed to be documented.angI loved all of these sessions!

vivianmakeupartist_floridaJust a little bit of makeup for this pretty teen…..
florida_teensAnd a just a smidgen on these angels……. (here are the links if you missed my posts on hair tips for family photos or makeup for kids)
florida_vivianmakeupartistfloridaAnd this darling family….how great is her smile?
familyseasidemotherdaughterI have been told that it can be stressful trying to coordinate outfits for several people, and I can only imagine! I don’t have kids but I have caught onto some things along the way and thought I’d share.

  • Decide on the look or the feel you want to have for your shoot and then pick an inspiration piece, then build from there. If you tend to be pickier about what you wear, or what you look like in photos, it’s probably a good idea to find something you love for yourself first, and then coordinate around that.
  • Take photos in the actual clothes then line the photos up next to each other (this might sound extreme but it’s super helpful.) Things that seem to look good in my mind or laying next to each other on the bed, look different when I actually put them on. Make a private Pinterest board and upload the photos to look at them next to each other or for iphones there’s an app called Pic Jointer that can put up to 4 photos next to each other.
  • Preparation is key, even if you’re shopping in your own closet. These photos are to document a certain stage in life so do your best to just enjoy the time at the shoot with your family. Often photo shoot days are stressful and husbands and kids may be in a particularly bad mood for some reason. I hear bribery works nicely! 😎 And if everything doesn’t turn out perfectly, oh well! Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones where everything is exactly in their place with everyone looking right into the camera. Sometimes it’s just about capturing those magical moments with your little ones. hairup_familyphotosI think this lovely mama thought of all the details though…..I just noticed her adorable little toe ring!famseasideseaside_hairandmakeupAnd these precious gals warmed my heart!makeup_travelmakeupforfamilyphotosPhotos by Angie Simplicity Photography Probably most of the advice too 😉
    seasidefunWe got to play for a couple of hours while we were there. And maybe paddle boarded right next to 4 dolphins….. it was a blast! Yes, yes it was.
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My Family Photos

My husband and I had some “family photos” taken this year since we reeeeally struggle getting a decent photo together (one of us will inevitably be in the middle of talking or blinking, pretty much every time.)  So we went on an adventure to some sand dunes!vivian_jeff_sanddunesdunesGoofySometimes I can’t decide how I want my hair in photos. So I style it and then take it out in the middle of the shoot so I can wear it down too. sanddunephotoshair_downsand_dunesWe have oh so much fun together….dunes_funblack_whitebwBWFarWe really did have so much fun, thanks to Angie! Simplicity Photography

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Jazz Girls

Sometimes I do makeup on the Jazz girls. And then they always win the game. Maybe.
Sometimes I do makeup on the Jazz girls. And then they always win the game. Maybe.Sometimes I do makeup on the Jazz girls. And then they always win the game. Maybe.

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