How to do a Retro Bob

And What about Bob?! A retro bob! (I had to throw that in here somewhere 😉 I love that movie!) The Retro Bob. It’s timeless AND a spectacular way to test the waters if you’re contemplating cutting your hair. It’s also an excellent option if your hair seems to lose curl easily or if you can’t decide between a down style or an up-do. It’s kind of both!retro_bobSo I did this little step by step for you…in like, January 😯 But at least I can tell you that this curling iron has held up nicely! I still use it all the time and I got mine from Amazon. What in the world did I do before I don’t get everything from there, but a lot of things cause it’s just so convenient.

Now, How to do a Retro Bob:how_to_do_a_retro_bobI used Meta Grip bobby pins , and this hair pik (it’s only .99 cents and I use it all the time) and then I set the style with a favorite of mine Kenra 25 hairspray 

Then TA-DA! You have a bob ↓

Retro_HairThank you for the photos Jess!


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