The Contour Up Close

Highlighting and contouring have been around for ages, but it’s recently become more mainstream and a lot more people are implementing it into their daily makeup routines. This combo below is what I have been using a lot on myself and on my clients lately and I love it. vivianmakeupartist_highlight_contour
The little stick titled Lighter Color Foundation is the lighter color you’ll see in the photos below. It’s the Bobbi Brown Face Touch-up stick.  It also comes in a larger size, but I like that the little stick is such a good size to highlight down the center of the nose. However, the larger is a better value. I actually own both sizes in several colors and love them both.

The palette with the 5 colors is Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette.  The palette comes with 3 different shades of contour creams and 2 highlighters (shimmery illuminating creams.) This contour kit is easy to use and comes with instructions built into the kit, which is nice in case you forget. And I like that it’s easy to get (some of the other contour products I use I have to order through weird specialty sites and pay a fortune for shipping.) This one you can just get at Sephora.  My favorite brush to use with it is this blender brush. 
contourIt can be kind of shocking to see the stripes… kind of intriguing though too, right?

The key is to blend. That’s what I use that black tear-drop shaped sponge for you see in the photo. It’s called a beauty blender. You’ll want to get it damp before you use it, it makes it even softer and keeps it from absorbing as much product. I love the solid cleanser to wash it with and also use it to wash my makeup brushes. I also applied the tiniest bit of foundation to help blend the highlight and contour together. I used Teint Miracle  in Buff 6.

I have basically tried to improvise while I’m waiting for Maskcara’s foundation to arrive (I had some samples of it, which I used in a few posts back, but don’t currently have it.)

I hope this is useful info for everyday contouring that looks natural! And just remember, I did a more dramatic contour for the photos so you could see it really well. You can always blend more to make it even more discreet.

The rest of the products used for this look coming soon!


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