Poison Ivy Makeup

When Jackie asked me if I could do her makeup for this I was ecstatic. Poison Ivy Makeup!? Yes please! This kind of stuff is so much fun.poison_ivy_makeup_hairI thought progressive photos might make it easier to see how to do it. poison_ivy_makeup_1Let’s talk about her eye color…. way pretty, right!? So, I’ll list what I used but you may be able to get a similar look using products you already have.poison_ivy_makeup_2Apply your foundation and contour color. ↑ I used the foundation from the makeup design school I went to here along with a little bit of airbrush foundation here. Don’t feel like you have to rush out to get an airbrush (even though they can be great,) normal foundation will work just as well, I just didn’t have the exact colors I needed so I went with airbrush.

poison_ivy_makeup_3Add concealer, bronzer (Natural,) blush (Peach Mosaic,) lip liner (UD in Bang,)  and gloss (Chanel in Constellation.) Here’s a side view ↓poison_ivy_makeup_4.Make sure bronzer, blush, and contours all blend together nicely. My favorite blending tool is the beauty blender. poison_ivy_makeup_5Then add eyeshadow (Naked Basics and MAC Bronze.) ↑poison_ivy_makeup_6Then add some false lashes. You can’t go wrong with Ardell Wispies.leavesNow for the ivy part of this all…..get some leaves like these here and spray them with some glitter and allow them to dry. adhesiveApply lash glue to the back of the leaves and allow it to dry for about 45 seconds before applying to the skin. poison_ivy_makeup_7Layer the leaves on the skin adhering each one with lash glue and allowing it to fully dry. Apply green eyeshadow between the leaves to create extra detail. I used the green colors from the UD Electric Palette.poison_ivy_makeup_10Add some rhinestones ↑ (similar here) to the center using lash glue. And you’re done!poison_ivy_makeupNow go do something fun!

This pretty face is Little J Style

Stellar images by Emmy Lowe Photo

Hair color and style by Aubrey Nelson

Vines by Rachel Osguthorpe


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