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As I’ve mentioned before, getting mom’s ready for family photos is one of my favorite jobs. I feel like they deserve the pampering and it’s so rewarding to see their faces light up when it all comes together and they look in the mirror. Gives me warm fuzzies 🙂

It was pretty killer to be hired to do makeup and hair for several sessions in Florida this past fall. Seaside was stunning! Even after only getting like 30 minutes of sleep (taking the red-eye seemed like such a good idea at the time 😯 )

I went with Angie from Simplicity Photography who’s one of the greatest people I know. I totally had to force her into letting me take this photo but Florida looked good on her! It needed to be documented.angI loved all of these sessions!

vivianmakeupartist_floridaJust a little bit of makeup for this pretty teen…..
florida_teensAnd a just a smidgen on these angels……. (here are the links if you missed my posts on hair tips for family photos or makeup for kids)
florida_vivianmakeupartistfloridaAnd this darling family….how great is her smile?
familyseasidemotherdaughterI have been told that it can be stressful trying to coordinate outfits for several people, and I can only imagine! I don’t have kids but I have caught onto some things along the way and thought I’d share.

  • Decide on the look or the feel you want to have for your shoot and then pick an inspiration piece, then build from there. If you tend to be pickier about what you wear, or what you look like in photos, it’s probably a good idea to find something you love for yourself first, and then coordinate around that.
  • Take photos in the actual clothes then line the photos up next to each other (this might sound extreme but it’s super helpful.) Things that seem to look good in my mind or laying next to each other on the bed, look different when I actually put them on. Make a private Pinterest board and upload the photos to look at them next to each other or for iphones there’s an app called Pic Jointer that can put up to 4 photos next to each other.
  • Preparation is key, even if you’re shopping in your own closet. These photos are to document a certain stage in life so do your best to just enjoy the time at the shoot with your family. Often photo shoot days are stressful and husbands and kids may be in a particularly bad mood for some reason. I hear bribery works nicely! 😎 And if everything doesn’t turn out perfectly, oh well! Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones where everything is exactly in their place with everyone looking right into the camera. Sometimes it’s just about capturing those magical moments with your little ones. hairup_familyphotosI think this lovely mama thought of all the details though…..I just noticed her adorable little toe ring!famseasideseaside_hairandmakeupAnd these precious gals warmed my heart!makeup_travelmakeupforfamilyphotosPhotos by Angie Simplicity Photography Probably most of the advice too 😉
    seasidefunWe got to play for a couple of hours while we were there. And maybe paddle boarded right next to 4 dolphins….. it was a blast! Yes, yes it was.

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