Get your hairstyle to last

My friend Ashlee is a hairstylist and I saw her using this pretty white curling iron that I had been eyeing online for a while, but hadn’t made the jump to purchase it yet.

So I asked her about it and she raved that her curls last for like 3 days when she uses it. I was sold.

vivianmakeupartist_t3_whirl_styling_wandIf you’re wondering what kind of looks you’d get from these different sized attachments, here are some examples. In this photo above I’m using the tapered barrel. (Top is Topshop and is so comfy and now on sale!)

*Note. I didn’t take the hair all the way down to the end of the wand. It still gave me tighter curls, but not too tight on the bottom. beach_waves_t3_vivianmakeupartist(makeup details in previous post.)

In the photos below, my guess is they probably used a 1 1/2 ” barrel, so the biggest one in the set.



And in these photos, a 1″.

vintage_waves textured_curlsred_waves_hair

(I tried to find the original source for these photos to credit, but I couldn’t track it down. I found them all on Pinterest.)

And when it comes to shampoo and conditioner lately I’ve been loving Living Proof.

Basically I can go longer without having to wash my hair, which is supposed to be better for your hair plus you save time.

If you like to try out products before buying the full sizes, or if you travel, I also purchased this set and loved it.

Living Proof was recommended by my friend Cara. She mentioned the No Frizz which I love as well.  To be honest I can’t tell the difference and they’re both great.

Curls that last and not having to wash your hair as often. I’m in! And I also got an awesome shower cap 🙂 It’s real glamorous.shower cap

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  1. Amy February 16, 2016 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    Vivian, how does this compare to the Sultra, since I know you use both? I love your blog!

    • Vivian February 16, 2016 at 2:34 pm - Reply

      I feel like the t3 may make the curls look a little bit shinier. But probably comparable.

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