Spray Tanner

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be blogging! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite things, self tanner.

Janae (an amazing videographer) wanted to have a little more color for her engagement photos (she felt like after they’re edited and brightened it would look better, especially since her fiance is so tan.)makeup_for_red_headsNot gonna lie, I kind of love her natural skin tone. I feel like the contrast with her hair looks drop dead gorgeous and striking. But I do like her tan as well, it gives kind of a warm sexy vibe.

My favorite self tanner lately has been the Rodial Airbrush Tan . It’s a self tanner and it also gives a lot of color instantly. It comes out as a fine mist spray.

Just a pointer, be aware of your surroundings when you spray this. If you want to do a few coats you can either spray it in the shower or throw on a tank top and endure the frigid outdoors for 30 seconds while you spray it. I also like the Tomas spray tan but the last couple of cans I’ve gotten have kind of splattered when I spray it. It still works you just have to blend it out with a tanning mit or big buffing brush.

I LOVE spray tans and self tanners. The only things I don’t love about them is the after-the-tan-starts-to-develop smell (the Rodial however, doesn’t get this really) and when the self tan get’s messed up.

Please excuse the awkwardness (and low quality) of this photo, it was taken on my phone. But I HAD to show it. tan_handsThis was taken on the same day (I think the black-ness of my skirt threw off the coloring of my hand in the left photo. Believe me, my hand was tan and the messed up thumb area, was even worse and darker in person!)  I had gotten a professional spray tan and then gone to sleep, only to discover when I woke up that I had badly messed up my hand (I think I laid my hand on my chest? Or maybe coated my thumb when I was getting dressed right after the tan. Either way, it was bad.) The photo on the left was after soaking and scrubbing all morning! It would NOT come off.

The photo on the right, was after using a damp Magic Eraser to remove the self tanner stain! (don’t rub TOO aggressively, it will give you like a baby rug burn if you get too excited!) After I tried everything to get it off, I finally contacted Amanda from Bella Airbrush Tanning. She came to the rescue with this self tanning mess up fix it trick!

Last but not least, if you like self tanners but can’t handle the smell, definitely try Xen Tan Scent Secure. I’ve gone through 3 bottles over the last couple of years and LOVE it.


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