Sometimes I like simple

Somehow, I have no idea how it’s possible, but I forgot about these pictures. It’s probably one of my favorite makeup and hair looks that I’ve done….well at least that I have documentation of.
natural_makeupvivian_makeup_maraeSo I always have a back and forth conversation in my mind when I am about to post about a product I’d recommend, and it sounds about like this: “What if I recommend something and then I find something I like better tomorrow? Or what if I recommend something and it’s not exactly right for what the person needed it for and if I could have talked to them about it I could have told them how to use it correctly or recommended something else that’s better for them!?” And on and on and on……

It kind of becomes torturous and certainly not productive. But I am undergoing some serious product analysis currently so that I can give some more universal recommendations. Does anyone have requests for any certain type of product?

On a different note, I have watched this Ted Talk so many times and still love it Your elusive creative genius. Whether one agrees with her or not, I still think it’s interesting 🙂 And I love her delivery.

I’ve been into simplicity lately. And not trying to toot my own horn by ANY means but I do like these hairstyles for a simple bridesmaid look (perhaps curling her hair a touch more in the first photo if it was for a formal occasion. Just barely though.) simple_bridesmaids_hairstylesPhotos of Marae by Zuzanna Audette

*Coming soon ! A simple but stunning eye makeup look using only 1 eyeshadow.

Have a happy day you guys!


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