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Bite Lip Mask






If I could give every person in the whole wide world a tube of Bite Agave Lip Mask I would, and I would feel like I did a wondrous service. Even though the packaging makes me feel like I’m about to squeeze industrial strength craft adhesive on my lips, it’s thicker texture stays put so it actually has time to do it’s job surging moisture back into dehydrated lips.

How to use it:

If your lips are dry and peeling apply the mask and leave it on for 30 minutes then remove the mask and gently exfoliate your lips with a warm washcloth.

Or apply it before putting on lip color for added hydration and smoothness.

Or wear it alone for subtle shine and smoother looking lips.


I keep one in my purse and one in my makeup kit to use on clients.  One tube of this stuff has lasted three times longer than the lip balm I normally use. It also works wonders for cuticles.

Bite specializes in only lip products made of all natural ingredients.  They are currently sold exclusively at Sephora and you can buy it here Bite Agave Lip Mask 

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