A Wedding Worth Dancing At

Wedding season is in full swing; and I recently had the pleasure of glamming up one of the most coordinated and lovely bridal parties. Bride Jessica and her sister Allison Holker are not only stunning, but also talented.  Jessica is a yoga and pilates instructor, and Allison is an incredible dancer and actress. Allison is married to Stephen “Twitch” Boss from The Ellen Show and So You Think You Can Dance. Needless to say, this family is one brilliant bunch!

Jessica’s maid of honor, Ashley, is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The first time I met Ashley, she was working for MAC and I remember thinking, “People really look like that in real life?” She honestly looks like a brunette Jessica Rabbit! And she was a great maid of honor. She even coordinated Jessica’s makeup appointments and everything!

Here’s the lovely bride, Jessica ↓
Jessica SmallHere is Allison ↓ P.S. The lashes I used on her are a favorite of mine and you can get them here

Allison Smiling SmallAnd Ashley ↓

AshleysmallAlso, Twitch and Allison’s daughter was adorable. She hovered around for a bit while I did makeup. And I must mention that I was also very impressed with Twitch’s ability to think of the perfect recessional song for the couple within seconds of being asked if he had any ideas. He’s a handy one to have around! Ellen sure thinks so, clearly ↓ (and I’m pretty sure that’s Allison dancing too)  

Here is the darling family ↓


I also got to do makeup for Jessica’s sister Becky, the other gorgeous blonde in this photo. ↓ (I didn’t get an individual shot of her but she looked so pretty!)


I had a great time working with these lovely ladies! Photos by Photography by Mckenzie

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