Brow Stencil

Tori was such a sweet, relaxed bride. We watched Lion King while I did her hair, it was awesome! I thought her before and after would be a good example to show when it’s a good idea to use a brow stencil, since I don’t always use them as you can see in my brow video. 

Sometimes brows look better when they’re filled in just by hand, but for photos or if you’re going to be filling them in a lot, brow stencils can be super helpful. I use the Anastasia brow stencils and you just hold the stencils up to your brows until you find the stencil that is closest to your natural brow shape, then use that stencil as a guideline for both brows. vivian_makeup_artistI’m such a fan of Tori’s freckles, but she said for her special day she wanted completely even, porcelain skin. I like her skin both ways. She’s so pretty!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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