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About Me

My introduction

Hi I’m Vivian! I love people and people love to feel beautiful, which is the reason I’ve spent last 14 years engulfed in doing makeup. I believe if you feel comfortable in your skin, then you can spend your energy loving others and enjoying life instead of worrying and being self-conscious. Is makeup the best way to gain self confidence? No way! But it can help a little, plus it’s FUN! So I hope I can help your life be a little bit happier, and perhaps more colorful 😀


Vivian’s career

Motivated, dedicated, kind and professional makeup artist, Vivian Williams Johnson began her beauty career at a young age when she was hired for her first makeup job at age fourteen. Her passion and aptitude for beauty have been clearly apparent her entire life and she chased her dreams of being a pro makeup artist to Los Angeles where she was trained at the prestigious Make-Up Designory (M.U.D.).

Upon completion of her professional training, Vivian commenced her career working with photographers from Vogue, Disney, Ms. Utah and Mrs. Utah, America Ferrera, the Utah Jazz dancers and doing work for photo shoots, fashion shows, film and countless weddings. In time, Vivian chose to work with Lancôme cosmetics where her talent was quickly recognized and she served in the distinguished position as their Regional Makeup Artist for several years— contributing to a variety of events and leading classes. Totally addicted to her job, you will find Vivian making the world a more beautiful place elbow deep in makeup, researching makeup, experimenting with makeup, or daydreaming about makeup.